Grinding range Round: φ5-130mm
Diagonal: 5-180mm
Thickness: 0.7-40mm
Grinding wheel dia 430mm
Main spindle rotation 30-60rpm
Carrier gear size φ205×4pcs
Carrier rotation 7.5-15rpm
Carrier revolution 5-10rpm
Feed top wheel head Minimum setting unit: 0.1μm/sec
Main spindles 2.2kw x 2sets
Rotary axis motor 0.75kW
Wheel head up/down 0.85kW servo
Top spindle lift motor Guide type rolling
Weight 3,200kg
  • (In the case of diamond · CBN grinding wheel) improvement of work thickness accuracy
  • It had been to be somewhat harsh thickness accuracy between tables becomes (10μm range) ± 5μm Tolerances in conventional machines, but will be able to put easily by ± 5μm tolerance servo machine to perform stable processing now.
    Coolant injection from center upper head is for big grinding wheels, and it works for removal of slug, heat cooling and grinding liquid penetration.
  • Workability
  • This is done manually 0 point out during the work process in the conventional machine, but if done the 0 point out once at the beginning, you can also automatically annoying 0 point out work in the servo machine. In addition, (caught) which means that there is no is based on rolling guide to the top foil head, the stick-slip phenomenon due to sliding resistance that occurred in the sliding guide of conventional equipment, work can now be more smoothly in the servo machine.
  • It is most suitable for small lot processing
  • The constant pressure device of conventional equipment, quantities to be processed at one time is extremely low, since the grinding load per workpiece is changed, there was a tendency that the accuracy is worse than when processed at full charge, but the servo accuracy can now be maintained can be processed if two or more in the machine.
  • Carrier lifetime and thin workpieces precision
  • The intensity on the carrier and rotate slowly rotation-revolution of the carrier, will led to the life and career work accuracy improvement in planetary processing system, the servo unit thickness of the workpiece to be machined is become to 1mm or less it is designed to be able to change the rotation-revolution speed of the carrier to independently rotate the rotary axis.