About us

We usually spend one-third of a day for company.
If the company inspires not only for us
but customers,supplies and community, we will
realize the value of working.
FUJISANKI aims to be inspired by others and to
inspire, too.
Therefore, we always brush up our senses to
have the opportunity for improvement, always.

           President Eiichi Takada


Company name FUJISANKI INC.
Address 22-66 Tohko 2-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0008, Japan
Phone : +81-92-411-7666 (The key number)
Fax : +81-92-451-7787
E-mail : info@fujisanki.co.jp
Capital Japanese Yen 22,275,000-
Executive President : Eiichi Takada
Business ・Manufacture of surface grinding machine
・machining, design and assembly of mechanical parts
・Flat surface grinding/td>
Banker ・THE SHOKO CHUKIN BANK, Fukuoka branch
・Japan Finance Corporation for Small and medium Enterprise, Fukuoka branch
・The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Fukuoka branch
・The Bank of Fukuoka, Hie branch
Number of employees 45 (As of August, 2012)
Facilities Plant site: 3,000 square meter
Factory building: 1,700 square meter
Office: 240 square meter
Locker room and a recreation room: 100 square meter

Company Development

1946(November) Founded Fuji Seisakusyo in Fukuoka-City.
(manufacture of precision mechanical components and screw)
1948(June) Subcontracted with Yasukawa Electric Inc.
1954(July) Subcontracted with Seibu Electric Industry Inc.
1958(June) Built the new factory in the current site to make facilities modernized and improved.
1960(October) Subcontracted with Kyushu Matsushita Electric Inc
1961(September) Subcontracted with Fukuoka plant of Mitsubishi Electric Inc
1962(April) Reorganized as Fujisanki Inc.(President:Susumu Takada)for future development.
1964(November) Started developing surface grinding machine.
1967(January) Won an award of top-10 new products for our surface grinding machine (FS-FLAT)
by Daily Industrial News.
1968(April) Built the factory equipped with the advanced systems for manufacture
of grinding machine.
1986(July) Built the office 3-storied building.
2002(January) Built the factory for grinding.


NC Latfe 5unit
NC Lathe with Y axis 4unit
NC Horizontal Boring machine 1unit
Machining center 10unit
Radial Drilling machine 2unit
Tapping center 2unit
Regular Lathe 2unit
Flat surface Grinding machine 1unit
Band sawing machine 1unit
Cylindrical Grinding machine 1unit
Automatic Welding machine 3unit
Parallel-surface Grinding machine
(in-house product)
NC Milling machine 1unit
universal milling machine 1unit
Surface roughness meter 2unit
3-dimensional Measurement system 1unit
2D CAD system 9unit
3D CAD system 2unit


  ●Qualification technician

Vocational training instructor (Mechanical) 4
Machine assembly and finishing work (1st grade) 1
Pressure machine assembly work (1st grade) 3
Regular Lathing work (1st grade) 1
NC Milling work (1st grade) 2
Mechanical preservation work (1st grade) 3
Mechanical system equipment diagnosis(1st grade) 2
Mechanical preservation work (2nd grade) 2
Electrical preservation work (2nd grade) 1
Mechanical system equipment diagnosis(2st grade) 1
Finishing machine assembly(2st grade) 4
Regular Lathing work (2nd grade) 2
NC Lathing work (2nd grade) 1
Technical drawing work (2nd grade) 1
Machining center work(3rd grade) 1
Electrician 3
Arc welding (A-2F) 1
Semi-automatic welding (SA-2F) 1
Crane Operator 1
Class B type 4 hazardous materials 2
Administrator fireproof grade A 1

  ●Skill trained engineer

Safety driving manager 1
Fire prevention 1
Safety and health education 1
Safety and health education, such as foreman 1
Slinging 10
Forklift operation 15
Craning special training 10
Grinding wheel exchange special training 9
Gas welding 7
Arc welding special training 4
Dust work special training 1
Press to stick operation 1
Vibration equipment operation 1


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   When you come to FUJISANKI INC. through Fukuoka city highway
   from Fukuoka I.C., Meinohama, Kashii by a car,
   please get down "Hakataekihigashi ramp".
   When from Dazaifu I.C. by a car,
   please get down "Hanmichibashi ramp".
   When you come from Dazaifu I.C., you can not get down "Enokida ramp".
   Please be careful.

   From Hakata station 15 minutes by walking.
   From Hakata station 5 minutes by a car.
   From Fukuoka airport 7 minutes by a car.