"Parallel-Surface Honing and Grinding Machine" which
we are manufacturing has original technology.
This machines have obtained high evaluation to the customer
in the world including Japan.

  • Time shortening by simultaneous both side grinding
  • Manufacture_Photo1This machine is possible to grind simultaneously both side of upper and bottom of some work-pieces by the two circular grinding wheels of top and bottom, and be short processing time.
  • Grinding of non-magnetic substance work-pieces
  • Manufacture_Photo2
  • This machine have planetary gear system, be not a magnetic table. It is able to process there easily by carrier (holder) system without any distinction of the magnetic substance (iron, ferrite etc.), non-magnetic substance (copper, aluminum, ceramic, glass etc.). Loading and unloading is easy, and operation efficiency is good.
  • Parallelism and Flatness of high precision
  • Manufacture_Photo3This machine is possible to gain parallelism, flatness and surface finish of high precision by "honing action" and "planetary gear action". " honing action" is the complex action of revolution and reciprocating motion of grinding wheels. " Planetary gear action" is the around and rotate trip of work-pieces in planetary gear system.
  • Few cracked or broken of work-pieces
  • Manufacture_Photo4It is the constant-pressure grinding system by air pressure, not using to send a compulsion screw. There are no worries about crack and broken of work-pieces of glass, ferrite and ceramic. Grinding pressure is controlled by adjustment a pressure of air cylinder.