Our high performance surface grinding machines satisfy
the customer needs by machining precision surface grinding.

  • Workable to various work
  • Grinding_Photo1It is possible to grind non-magnetic work-pieces, because Parallel-Surface Honing and Grinding Machines (in-house product) dos not use not magnetic table system.
    It is possible to grind work-pieces of various material and size in order to prepare carrier gears fitting work-peaces.
    Also it is possible to grind only one side of work-pieces.
    We are grind aluminum computer parts, copper-tungsten heat sink, bimetallic plates, automobile parts, valve plates, aluminum oil pump covers, camera parts and cemented carbide rings etc..
  • Correspond with a high level of processing and accuracy of the system simply because it is grinding machine manufacturer.
  • Grinding_Photo2Using a surface grinder processing technology of their products, a variety of grinding needs of our customers, we will respond quickly and flexibly.
    To pursue the required accuracy of our customers, a system to cope with 10μm or less together, Parallelism, flatness by selecting a proper grinding wheel from (general, diamond, CBN) of the grinding wheel variety, to set the processing conditions we have established.

  • Machining example of the servo machine
  • Grinding_Photo31. I will give a smooth surface grinding work in resin and rubber. (Gouging not outstanding small)
     t2.5-□ 30mm (rubber + PSI), parallelism: 5μ
     Grinding wheel: SD # 220 ~ 300
     Allowance: 0.2mm, 20 pcs / table
    2. Upper and lower surfaces parallel out of resin work(I can plan better parallelism)
     t10-φ20mm (PSI), parallelism: 1μ
     Grinding wheel: SD # 600 ~ 1500
     Allowance: 0.1mm, 24 pcs / table
    3. Parallel out of work long and thin and
     (Center will not be thick)
     t0.5-□ 15 × 100mm (SUS316), parallelism: 5μ
     Grinding wheel: SD # 600
     Allowance: 0.1 ~ 0.5mm, 4 pcs / table
    4. Grinding hard ultra-thin
     t1-φ30mm (carbide), parallelism: 1 ~ 2μ
     Grinding wheel: SD # 400
     Allowance: 0.2mm, 24 pcs / table
  • Processing by the cylindrical grinding machine
  • Grinding_Photo4Various that can be precisely because grinding machine manufacturer
    We do cylindrical grinding of shaft products.
    By the grinding method according to the customer"s request accuracy
    It will correspond.

    Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.: GUP32 × 100
    Mechanical specification
    Table on the swing: φ320mm
    Distance between centers: 1,000mm
    Grinding diameter: φ0 ~ φ220
    Standard grinding wheel dimensions: φ305 × 50 × 127
    Grinding wheel spindle motor: 3.7kW