FS-35AN FS-45AN *(FS-H45)
Grinding range
[Unit of mm]
Round: φ5 -100mm Round: φ5 -130mm
Diagonal: 5 -150mm Diagonal: 5 -180mm
Thickness: 0.8 - 50mm Thickness: 0.8 - 50mm
Grinding wheel dia 350mm 430mm
Main spindle rotation 30-60rpm *(20~200rpm)
Carrier gear size φ170×4 pcs φ205×4 pcs
Carrier rotation 7.5 -15 rpm
Carrier revolution 5 -10rpm
Recipro amount 5mm *(Nothing)
Recipro number 70-140rpm *(Nothing)
Main spindles 2.2kW×2sets *(5.5kW×2sets)
Rotary axis motor Nothing *(0.75kw)
Top spindle slide unit Sliding guide system
**(Guide system rolling)
Wheel head up/down 1.5kW
Weigh 3,200kg

in* ( )The 200 rotation, in** ( )optional specifications

▼You can see the Introductory movie.
Movie:Standard grinding
Movie:Carbide inserts grinding
Movie:Large workpiece grinding
Movie:Truing & Dressing
Movie:Automatic workpiece set(by WTA)
  • Grinding simultaneously both side, one side are possible
  • There are the productively of several times of one side grinding, to process top and bottom both sides of work-pieces simultaneously by two circular grinding wheels of top and bottom.
    Also, it is possible even the processing of one side by remove the grinding wheel of bottom and setting up a simply tool.
  • Without a magnetic table or a clamping tool
  • It is able to process there easily by carrier (holder) system without any distinction of the magnetic substance (iron, ferrite etc.), non-magnetic substance (copper, aluminum, ceramic, glass etc.).
    Because it does not fix work-pieces forcibly with a magnetic table or a clamping tool, there are not even case it wears magnetism and the removal of the distortion is easily.
  • Higher precision
  • [Honing action]
    Grinding wheels are given compound motion of rotation and reciprocation.
    During processing, grinding wheels and works-pieces gain high accuracy by principle which 3 units act.

    [Planetary gear action]
    Planetary carrier system is adopted as holding works-pieces.
    Carrier gears holding work-pieces carries with work-pieces to ever corner of a grinding wheel while rotation and reciprocation on a grinding wheel.

    It is possible to grind flatness, parallelism, surface finish of higher precision, because of grinding wheels surface keeps always excellent by "Honing action" of a grinding wheel and "Planetary gear action" of work-pieces.
  • Grinding to be based the constant pressure
  • It is the constant pressure grinding system by air cylinder without screw sending.
    It is possible to adjust grinding pressure to gain target accuracy and grinding efficiency of customer.