Fujisanki provides advanced technology.

FUJISANKI INC., consists of 3 sections, "manufacture and sale of
Parallel-Surface Honing and Grinding Machine with the original technology",
"machining, design and assembly of various precision mechanical parts" and
"flat surface grinding using in-house Parallel-Surface Honing and Grinding Machine".

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  • Parallel Surface honing
  • We manufacture the surface grinding machines
    with our unique grinding technology.
    We have delivered more than 1000 machines
    to domestic and over seas customers.
  • FS35/45ANFS75AN

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  • MachiningWe machines parts of
    instruments such as hoist,
    motor,etc., and also precision
    parts used for semiconductor

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  • GrindingOur high performance surface
    grinding machines satisfy the
    customer needs by machining
    precision surface grinding.