We machines parts of instruments such as hoist,
etc., and also precision parts used for semiconductor equipment.

  • Workable on the machine processing parts overall
  • Machining_Photo1As a subcontract factory of Mitsubishi Electric Co., we do mechanical fabrication and assembly of hoist. We equip new high-speed machining center and compound NC lathe, and we correspond to manufacture various parts, such as semiconductor equipment parts, robot parts etc..
    We can manufacture products of not many lot production of a wide variety and mass production with high grinding accuracy flexibly.
    Also we are experienced to manufacture various material products, such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, resin etc..
    We correspond to manufacture products considered to be difficult only by our company, because we have many cooperation companies, such as sheet metal processing, laser processing, welding and surface treatment etc..
  • From design of machine to processing and assembly
  • Machining_Photo2We have many business results, such as manufacture of tools met each customer"s needs, design, processing and assembly of machine relevant to semiconductor inspection equipment.
    We support from drawing creation to after-sale service to the first customer and others.
    It is possible to do precision measurement and we try substantial technology about machine.
  • Processing by Table type horizontal boring milling machine
  • Machining_Photo3We are to be able to respond to user needs, complex
    In shaping and quality of the height, the offer of the product
    We will.

    Manufactured by Toshiba Machine Co.,: BTD-200QF
    Mechanical specification
    Table size: 1,000mm × 1,000mm
    X-axis stroke: 1,500mm
    Y-axis stroke: 1,000mm
    Z-axis stroke: 1,150mm